Mosaic's Vision is to
Join God in the Renewal of All Things.

We believe God is at work making all things new, from our personal lives, to our relationships with others, to everything we care about in life.

Our Core Values


Mission is God’s overarching work of Renewal in and through human history. It is God restoring the world back to His original purpose. It is why Mosaic exists.


At the epicenter of God’s renewal is love. He loves us completely, regardless of our past. Joining Him means joining a movement of love and grace.


Spirit-led community is empowering, not controlling. We put our faith in God, not in the institution, the strategic plan, nor in any man-made plans or wisdom.


God put on skin and dwelt among us. He became relevant to our story so that we could join Him in His story. Our church must do the same.


The more we know and love God, the more God's renewal touches our lives. Inevitably, all our gifts, talents and passions begin to be used for God's purposes.


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