Breakfast Optional

by Reze Wong

At the beginning of the year, we were challenged to identify commitments for the year both personal and collectively as a community. For me, part of that meant joining a Mosaic Community or MC, which for all intents and purposes is a small group, but they are each unique in their own way yet collectively form our Mosaic.

My first exposure to a small group came during my first year of college when I joined a Thursday night gathering called Men’s Time (literal nomenclature will show up later). As these stories tend to go, it was within this group that I found a deep and unprecedented appreciation for community, brotherhood, encouragement and growth. I had just started my faith journey, but this group played an important role in forming a spiritual foundation for later life. Shortly after, I was asked to lead the group, so we met every Thursday night for dinner to share stories, contemplate tough questions and just have a good time.

After graduation, many of my close friends moved away and I no longer had a structured place to gather to unwind, talk about faith, ask questions and kind of just put everything on the table. While there were plenty of places to find community in my own life and Mosaic, for the next several years, I longed for that familiar place during the week.

This brings us to Men’s Breakfast (told you it would happen again). It’s exactly what it sounds like – breakfast optional. Every Friday morning, a group of guys meet for coffee to catch up on life, shoot the breeze and, importantly, answer a question. The premise is simple: someone brings a question, and anyone can answer if they feel so compelled. Sometimes all it takes is one thought-provoking question or an insightful response to kick off a Friday at 6:30 am.

It turns out, it was exactly what I was looking for. Friday mornings quickly became the best way to start the day. We talk about work, kids, partners, and the list goes on, but the conversation is always honest. We’re all going through something (and it’s usually a lot more than we let on), and this is a setting where I felt comfortable bringing my highs and lows, in part because of the willingness of everyone else in the group to share.

A few months ago, our fearless leader Mike, moved north and thus unable to make the trek to Berkeley every week. He asked me to take over as the Lead Question Bringer (business cards and LinkedIn update coming soon…), which admittedly I was somewhat reluctant to do. Making the commitment earlier in the year was one thing, but this was skin in the game and it meant I had to show. That said, it instilled a sense of ownership and commitment to the time and space, similar to how Kelsey described the Wednesday night MC (shouts out to the Wednesday night crew) in last week’s post. It’s amazing how an expectation can almost force commitment, which is what I think God has been doing this year. I’m inclined to believe it was never about the commitment itself, but rather the opportunities it created.

Joining the Men’s Breakfast crew has easily become a highlight of the year. There are only so many places you can have honest, God fearing conversation, and I feel so fortunate to be part of this group of guys. My hope is that Friday mornings live on, and will always be a place to find comfort, encouragement and a few laughs, no matter who brings the question.