It Takes Two

We asked Caitlin Smith a few questions about being involved in Mosaic Communities: How she decided on the MC, her favorite activities within the MC, what's it done for you in your personal life, growth etc, how does the MC support Mosaic's vision and values? Here's what Caitlin had to share.

I have chosen to be involved in two MCs within Mosaic and both have been great and have served different but important purposes in my life.

The first MC that I am a part of is the women’s group, or “Sisterhood” as we call it. When I attended school at Cal, I swam on the swim team and had an amazing and genuine bond with twenty other women. We experienced so much joy, sorrow, and vulnerability together. I did not think it was possible to have that same feeling again after I finished college swimming but this women’s group has once again given me that sense of authenticity and vulnerability. I think I am the youngest in the group, and one of the few without children, but I love to hear the everyday stories and struggles that other women are going through because it gives me immense perspective on my own life. I am able to gain wisdom and growth in my own life and relationships from these women. I feel welcome, seen, and heard when I walk into that room on Thursday evenings.

My husband and I together are a part of the service MC. The main goal of this group is to find ways to serve the community around us. We have put on community events, served food or goods to the homeless, done school supply or clothing drives, cleaned up houses and community centers, and much more. It’s constantly fluctuating and evolving as we come up with more effective ways to serve our community. Collin and I also live in Berkeley and feel like this MC allows us to further connect and feel a part of the Berkeley/ Albany community; we feel we help to grow and serve the community in small ways instead of just simply living in it. This MC aligns directly with Mosaic’s values to “join God in the renewal of all things.” We get to see tangible results of renewal when we do things like give food and goods to the homeless; we’ve seen the excitement on their faces when they receive a new pair of socks or the joy in their voice when we stay to have authentic conversation with them.

-Caitlin Smith