2016 Reflections

As we settle into Advent, it occurs to me 2016 is quickly coming to an end. Let’s take a moment and remember/look forward to what God is doing through Mosaic. I love our church and am so blessed to be part of a community that lives out its core values. Let’s remember together how we are being Mosiac through these core values.



Joining God in the Renewal of All Things. There are many ways that God has brought renewal, but my favorite memory of renewal this year has been all the baptisms we have done. We have had 7 people display their devotion to live in the Way of Jesus through the act of baptism; Hudson Howard, Alex Millard, Jami Edgell, Charlotte Passat, Jason Isendorf, Sophia Fedorova, and Lydia Howard. I smile looking at this list and am reminded of their testimonies and willingness to share their spiritual journey with us.



This year we continued to build community through our MCs; Mens, Womens, Family, Service, Adults and Couples, and Band. This space was filled with great discussions, laughter, tears, stories, sharing in each other’s burdens, and celebrating in life’s joys. Another community experience was Mosaic’s Play and Pray retreat. We are blessed to be in a community where we can take a weekend away from our daily routines and spend it living, eating, playing and praying together.



I love being part of church that is “flexible” to God’s leading and direction. We are never so beholden to a set of rules and structure that we can’t try new things. I think this year, especially in the latter part of the year, we’ve had to rely on God a lot. As Kevin has been out several Sundays, many within our community began stepping up to share the message God laid on their heart’s. God is faithful to continue speaking, leading, and guiding us through the voices of so many.



We believe that we are all Mosaic, and your story is what makes us Mosaic. This year we lifted up this core value by having many share their Mosaic story in the Sunday morning gathering and by contributing to the blog. I’ve enjoyed hearing others’ stories because it is in the sharing that we get to hear and see where God is working.



This is my favorite core value, spirituality results in creativity. We are made up of so many unique and gifted people. Everyone sharing in those gifts, whether it be on the worship team, or those who bake delicious food for hospitality, to those who interact with the children in Kid’s Mosaic, to those who share in ideas for service projects; are evidence of God working through each one of us. The more we share in our unique passions and gifting, the more beautiful we portray God.


As I sit and write this, I realize how blessed we are to be part of this movement, community, church. Thank you for being Mosaic with me.

-Jeanne Wong