Invaluable Space

by Kelsey Miller

Being a part of a missional community has been such an enriching experience for me and is one of the reasons my husband, Martin, and I decided to continue to attend Mosaic. We started attending the church right around the time that missional communities began and was a pivotal moment for us. We had just moved to the area and barely knew anyone. We were desperate for deeper relationships and a rich community. Our MC is one of the ways that I feel God intervened in our lives at that time to provide exactly what we needed.

The vision and framework of our MC is to explore and understand the role of faith and christianity in a modern society. We spend a lot of our time discussing relevant topics through a christian lens. When we first began meeting two years ago, we laid the groundwork for what our community would look like. We decided then that we would rotate the responsibility of leading discussion and hosting meetings which has resulted in a strong feeling of ownership in the group. By having someone different lead each week, it also provides insight into what each person is learning about and struggling with.

Creating this space in my life has been invaluable. We have been meeting for over two years now and Wednesday nights are something that I have carved out of my week and dedicated to this group. It has become so important to me to put time aside each week to have meaningful conversations with people I deeply care about. I don’t get to have real, raw and honest conversations very often in my day-to-day life, and having that space to talk with people I care for, about things that I care about, is something that I have come to cherish. It has been very powerful getting to share this space with people that are dedicated to understanding themselves and their faith more.