We're Not Afraid Of You

To the immigrant, we welcome you.
To the refugee, we receive you.
To the woman, we honor your voice.

To the disabled, we love you.
To the homosexual, we stand with you.
To the minority, we see and stand with you too.

To our brothers and sisters of other religions, we learn from you.
To the foreigner, we recognize our shared global citizenship.
We do not claim a Divine right to what’s yours.

We don’t worship a flag.
Our allegiance isn’t to God and country.
Our allegiance is to God and God alone.

Loving God means loving our neighbor.
Following Jesus means loving ‘our enemies.’
The Gospel is a gospel for all.

And so, to the racist, we are curious: why are you so?
To those afraid of the ‘other’, tell us your story.
May we listen and hear what you have to say.

To the jobless, we consider you.
To the ignored, we pay attention.
To our political foe, we commit to work with.

We aren’t superior.
We aren’t right and you’re wrong.
‘Us and them’ is a lie we refute.

Jesus was an immigrant, a refugee.
He honored women.
He healed the disabled.

Jesus stood up for the sexually despised.
Jesus paid attention to those on the margins.
He was a ‘friend of sinners’ and his mission was to ‘comfort the brokenhearted.’

May we ever do the same.
May we stop demonizing and vilifying.
May the day soon come when we stop throwing one another away.

May we be instruments of God’s peace.
May we live with faith and courage and love.
May we stand with Jesus, among the poor in spirit, the mourning, the meek, those seeking justice and mercy and purity of heart.

May we love our neighbors.
May we love our enemies.
And may we move into the future as one.

by Kevin Knox
Photo by Thomas Hawk, used with Creative Commons License.