Keep Up The Pace

I love to run on trails throughout the Bay Area. It’s amazing how many beautiful vistas overlook the San Francisco Baythe Berkeley Hills to the Marin Headlands. Every trail is a fun adventure, not knowing what ridge, mountain, valley, or creek will meet me around the bend.

I also love to run because it keeps me healthy and gives me a noticeable boost of energy. I started running in 2008, when my son Jordan was a freshman in high school. When he decided to join the cross country team, I decided to take up running, primarily so that I could keep up with himI didn’t want to be left in the dust!

After having run several thousand miles over the past 9 years, I have to admit, running never gets any easier. In fact, my average pace has slowed down noticeably over the years. When I first started running, pace or average minutes per mile, was very important to me. I used to monitor my pace for every race that I ran in. I still keep a record of every race so that I can measure my progress from year to year. With the passage of time, I have changed my priority of improving my pace to setting annual mileage goals. That takes the pressure off of me to go faster. This allows me to focus more on God's creation and take notice of the beauty of my surroundings.

There are some days when I’m just not feeling it, and training is a grind. On other days, I marvel at the beauty of my surroundings. There is one stretch of trail, in the Oakland Hills, that reminds me of Jurassic Park. It has towering redwood trees and luscious ferns that grow alongside the trail. When I come across amazing stretches of trail such as these, I can’t help but think, “this is why I love to run!”

-Don Wong