New Year, New Provision, New Dreams

I don't know if there is ever a right time to drop everything and start the next phase of your life. Sometimes, life changes force you into a different trajectory and other times you make the decision. We realized, as we contemplated hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), that it was a decision that we were going to have to make. It was a decision that felt both exciting and absolutely nuts at the same time.

We knew that hiking the PCT would require us to give up much of what we knew and owned for an experience and a challenge that felt unknown.

So, in August, Martin and I committed to this crazy dream. We decided that we would give up our apartment in Oakland, sell all of our things, quit our jobs and head out for the trail in April. We knew there were things we would have to iron out like: Where will we stay when our lease ends in December? How will we pay our student debt? How will we prepare for the hike? 

Our story began to unfold and it became clear that the wrinkles would shake out. A room became available in my Aunt's house in Berkeley from December until March--the exact amount of time we needed. We could have never imagined that resource would become available. Then, a true miracle, my uncle gave me a call and let me know that inheritance money, that had been wrapped up in lawsuits for six years, had finally come through. With that very unexpected money, we were able to pay all our student debts. It was amazing to see all of these resources provided after we committed to a very unknown dream.

I am writing this blog post in the mountains of the Imperial Valley desert (December 28). We just finished a 15 mile hike today and a 20 mile hike yesterday. Our muscles ache,we are unshowered, our feet are blistered but we are enjoying every minute of this trip and are anxious to attempt a difficult, unknown and exciting goal/dream.

Thanks for letting us share our story with you. We will be keeping an Instagram and blog as we go and will share that information with you as the hike gets closer.

-Kelsey and Martin