Upcoming Events!

Easter Sunday, April 1st.

Bring your friends, family, neighbors and join us for our Gathering at the normal start time, followed by a block party. The Common Good is hosting and there will be food, games and an egg hunt for the kids. There's a sign-up sheet to bring hot dog fixings, so get your name on that. We hope you'll be able to join us next Sunday!


The Common Good, April 15th

The Common Good focuses on service outside of Mosaic and they will be hosting a work day on April 15th. That is a Sunday and we will NOT be having our normal gathering. Instead we will be meeting at Wilson Elementary school and helping them pack as they are moving locations. There will be things for the kids to help with as well, so make this a family event and join us as we bless Wilson Elementary School. There will also be childcare provided here, at Mosaic for ages 3 and under. You can drop your kids off here then head to Wilson.