How You Can Help The Cause This Summer

Hey Friends,

A head's up & an invitation...

We're going to be doing a bit of fundraising during the month of July: for Kid's Mosaic, for staff development, and for the Common Good. We don't talk enough about how you can help the church financially, and I'm genuinely excited to share more about our needs and how you can participate.

Yes, so many of you have already contributed to our vision by leading, serving, and participating in many of the projects we’re about as a community.

During the next 5 weeks, we're also asking you:

Would you also help the cause by giving to Mosaic?

You can give online at, via text by texting ‘mosaicbay’ (all one word) to 77977, or in person at a Sunday gathering. All your gifts are tax-deductible and go a long way in helping us do what we do.

Thank you for partnering with us, for living out our vision so far this year, and for being Mosaic.

Grace & peace everyone.
There's so much ahead of us!