Our Gatherings

Mosaic is a community, not an institution. So, we gather weekly to celebrate the Message, Life Together and the Common Good. Our Gatherings lure us from the trappings of ‘same stuff, different day’ kind of living and remind us again of God’s purposes in the world. They are a way we choose to celebrate God’s love and renewal with one another.



The Message is the good news of God's love. This message speaks to who God is, it informs who we are at the deepest level, and it gives our lives purpose. On these Sundays we will be inspired by a teaching from Kevin or a guest speaker. 

Mosaic Stories are a continuation of the Message as seen through the eyes of those in and around our community. Stories give us a chance to listen, empathize and relate on more personal levels and connect us in exciting and unexpected ways. We will hear from different people in our community and how they are living in hope, faith and love. 



Life Together is the practice of being in relationship to one another. It's sharing meals, stories and life as one body. It's knowing and being known. This space will give you opportunity to share meals in people's homes or at 1221 Marin. 



The Common Good is us joining God in creating a better world. It's seeing the needs of those around us, and creatively offering hope and provision to meet those needs as a church. You will have the opportunity to contribute to the common good through a gathering wide project. 

Our Rhythm for 2018



2 No Gathering

9 The Message

16 Common Good

23 Mosaic Story

29 Life Together


7 The Message

14 Mosaic Story

21 Service Sunday

28 Life Together


2 The Message

9 Mosaic Story

16 Life Together

23 No Gathering

30 No Gathering


4 The Message

11 Common Good

18 Mosaic Story

25 No Gathering



Our doors open at 10:30am for coffee and treats and our Gatherings begin at 10:45am. Please check our connect page for start times and locations for Common Good and Life Together events.  

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