Leadership Team

The purpose of the Mosaic Leadership Team (MLT) is to lead the Mosaic Bay community during our transition from being pastor-led to community-led. We aim to provide a structure that allows the members of the community to contribute in creative and practical ways. To listen, empathize, and encourage is the framework from which the MLT works as we guide the community in building relationships and connection.

We invite all who are interested in being a part of our community to gather with us on Sunday mornings, join the weekly MLT meetings on Wednesday evenings, or reach out to contributors directly.


Jeanne Wong

Jeanne has been part of Mosaic since 2007 and came on staff in 2015. Right now she serves on the leadership team and leads our Kids Mosaic program. She loves being part of a faith community that loves exploring ways of living out faith. Jeanne also works as the Extended Program director at Prospect Sierra Middle School.

You can contact her at jeanne{at}mosaicbay.org


Don Wong

Don serves as the Treasurer of Mosaic Bay and handles all of the financial responsibilities of the church.  As a longstanding member of the Mosaic Bay community, Don brings his experience and enthusiasm to the MLT.  Don is married to Jeanne who also serves on the team.  Don is a certified public accountant and a long-suffering Cal alum who is still waiting for that elusive trip to the Rose Bowl!

You can contact him at don{at}mosaicbay.org


Casie Kolbeck

Casie has been attending Mosaic Bay since mid-2015 and is excited to be part of the MLT during this liminal phase. She has grown to love this community and gathering of people so much in those years and wants to make sure we continue to create space for the truly special thing happening here. Her deepest wish is that all feel welcomed and invited to participate and collaborate as Mosaic Bay moves forward and she hopes to get to know more of you better as we build this faith community together.

You can contact her at casie{at}mosaicbay.org


Darrell Olson

Born and raised in Seattle WA, Darrell met the dream of his life, Rebecca doing professional theater in 2005.  A short time later Darrell felt encouraged to pursue his interest in understanding his Christian faith more and started a Master's of Divinity Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.  This prompted a move to Northern California in 2008 a long spiritual journey that moved from working in a church to working with food trucks and then to running a Warehouse before landing at his current job, the Manager of Men's Services at the Bay Area Rescue Mission.  Darrell and Rebecca have been blessed to have expanded their family with Lillian (age 4) and Emerson (21 months).  The Olson family has been attending Mosaic since Feb of 2018.

You can contact him at darrell{at}mosaicbay.org

Jennifer Pelham

Jennifer joined Mosaic Bay in late 2015 and has been an active member ever since! She loves the connection and the community she finds during the gatherings and other activities. Working with the MLT is inspiring, encouraging, and a growth opportunity as she stretches her leadership skills. Born and raised in New York, Jennifer now lives in Emeryville with her husband, Zubair, and two children, Zoe and Greyson. She has a Masters in Social Work and is a Corporate Social Worker specializing in employee engagement, change management, and learning & development.

You can contact her at jennifer{at}mosaicbay.org


Emily Haliday

Emily was raised Episcopalian and fell out of the church-going habit in her 20s. After becoming established in her career (as a patent attorney), she began to feel like there must be more to life than working (a lot) and playing (some). She read Zen and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, took up yoga (which involved reading scripture, as well as practicing physical postures), and studied with a non-dual teacher, whose teachings were similar to those of Advaita Vedanta. Emily then married a Sunday school teacher and found her way back to a progressive Christianity, where she has been struck by the parallels between Christ’s teachings and the truths of the other traditions encountered on her way back to her own. What drew Emily to Mosaic Bay and keeps her serving is our unique community of people committed to authenticity, spiritual growth, and helping one another appreciate and share our gifts with our families, friends, and communities.

You can contact her at emily{at}mosaicbay.org


Mark Galt

Mark Galt grew up in the Church of Christ in Campbell, California, a body of believers that emphasizes the love of Jesus, Bible knowledge, and the expression of love through servanthood. His relationship with God has found expression in his roles as Sunday school teacher, musician, and artist, and he is very pleased and grateful to be a part of the community at Mosaic.

You can contact him at mark{at}mosaicbay.org