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TruStory is a 4-week curriculum that will change the way you understand the story of your life. It is designed to help you lead a true, more courageous story. Perhaps for the first time, you will discover the truth of who you really are and how God has moved in and through all that you’ve experienced.

So much of what happens today is open for debate. Ask three different eye-witnesses to share their account of the same event, and you’ll likely hear three different versions of the truth, none of which is more authentic than the other. If all the witnesses are honest about their experience, everyone testifying could rightly conclude their statement by saying, “That’s a true story.”

The challenge in discovering the truest story, of course, is learning to recognize the biases people bring to the table. A person’s perception of the world is altered by so many things. Where they come from, who their parents are, what books they’re currently reading–even what they ate for breakfast this morning can alter what they pay attention to today. Telling an unbiased, true story takes a lot of work.

Perhaps the most harmful outcome of this–each of us having our own version of things–is that we’re tempted to build our own lives on falsehoods. Our biases cloud our vision. Our successes and failures can lead to assumptions, and those assumptions, true and untrue, often have too much influence over what it is we see as real.

TruStory will equip you with tools to help excavate the chapters of your life. You’ll be challenged to name truths and untruths within your story. You’ll be asked to re-experience some of your experiences, be given practices to help you see the reliable and trustworthy storylines, and you’ll have an opportunity to write a new story–a truer, more courageous version of who you want to be. As spiritual director Paula D'Arcy says, “God often comes to us disguised as our life.” TruStory is designed to allow this to happen for you.

Our meeting dates for this session of TruStory will be June 2nd, 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th.  All held on Tuesdays at 7pm - 8:30 except for June 2nd at 9am. Contact [email protected] to sign up.

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